Privacy Policy

At The Square Hotel, we take our relationship with all our guests very seriously. We would not do anything to compromise this and as such we do not sell, rent or profit from any of the data that we hold.

How We Protect Your Data

We hold your data (such as name and email address) as a result of you having been our guest and completing a Guest Registration Form at check-in, or having made recent legitimate enquiries with us, to enable us to fulfil our obligations to you. All data is securely stored on software that is compliant with GDPR. We do not hold any credit card details once any charges have been settled. These details are immediately destroyed and no record of them is kept.

Should we contact you in the future via email (outside of an email specific only to you) we will ensure that the content is likely to be of interest to you, such as promotional offers or to make you aware of other products we offer, within the scope of the hotel industry.

We operate a policy of transparency regarding our data. You have the right to request what data we hold of yours and we will process all requests within a 1 month time frame.

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